FWD Travel Insurance Review: Singapore Travel Plan Protection

FWD Travel Insurance Review Singapore Travel Plan Protection

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Are you planning a trip to Singapore and wondering which travel insurance plan to choose? Look no further than FWD Travel Insurance. In this FWD Travel Insurance review, we’ll explore the benefits of this insurance coverage and why it’s a top choice for travelers visiting Singapore.

FWD offers a range of travel insurance policies to meet the needs of any traveler, including single trip and annual travel plans with durations of up to 90 days. They have three tiers of travel insurance plans, including mid-tier and premium plans. Additionally, FWD provides coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation, baggage delay, personal accident, and even sports equipment.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, FWD has enhanced its travel benefits add-on with COVID-19 coverage. Travelers diagnosed with COVID-19 or experiencing travel inconveniences due to COVID-19 can enjoy peace of mind knowing that FWD has them covered.

FWD also provides cashless medical outpatient treatment in Singapore, and the FWD Flyer app allows you to see a doctor online or locate a medical facility for treatment.

If you need to make a claim, FWD’s claims process is straightforward. You can do it online via their claims portal, and their claims team is available 24/7 to assist you. So, FWD Travel Insurance covers whether you travel for business or pleasure.

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FWD Travel Insurance Review (Singapore 2023)

FWD Travel Insurance offers different levels of coverage with its three-tiered plan: Premium, Business, and First, with the mid-tier plan being the Business plan.

FWD Travel Insurance Review
FWD Travel Insurance Review

The Premium plan provides medical coverage of up to S$200,000 for overseas expenses, while the Business plan offers up to S$15,000 for medical costs incurred in Singapore. The First plan has the highest limit, with a rental car excess payment of up to S$1,000 and a baggage delay benefit limit of S$900. It also covers personal accidents.

FWD travel insurance covers theft or damage to your personal belongings during your travels. With their mid-tier and premium plans, you can receive up to S$8,000 and S$15,000, respectively, for loss or damage to your baggage.

This coverage can help alleviate the stress and financial burden of losing important items while traveling. Additionally, FWD’s plans include coverage for lost passports and travel documents, ensuring you can still enjoy your trip without any major interruptions.

FWD Travel Insurance is known for being one of the cheapest travel insurance plans in the market but with above-average coverage for trip cancellation and sports equipment protection.

Its entry-level Lite plan covers common trip disruptions, personal accidents, and personal liability. However, it does not cover trip cancellation or postponement for any reason nor COVID-19 overseas quarantine allowance.

Aside from single-trip travel insurance, FWD also offers an Annual plan that covers unlimited trips throughout the year. This plan protects a maximum of 90 days per trip and includes coverage for sports equipment up to S$2,000 across all plans.

Customers can purchase FWD Travel Insurance online. A Covid-19 add-on covers medical expenses up to S$200,000, trip cancellation or postponement for any reason, overseas quarantine allowance, and more. FWD Travel Insurance also offers a MoneySmart Exclusive promotion that gives customers S$10 cash via PayNow with a minimum purchase of S$27.

FWD Travel Insurance Plans

When considering a travel insurance plan for your business, FWD offers reimbursement for trip cancellation, lost or delayed baggage, and medical expenses incurred while traveling.

FWD Travel Insurance Plans

In addition, FWD’s travel insurance plans also cover business equipment, such as laptops, that may be lost or stolen while on a business trip. FWD also offers coverage for travel inconveniences such as baggage delays and trip curtailment.

The maximum reimbursement for a trip curtailed after leaving Singapore is up to $12,500, and the benefit payment for each insured person for every six hours of baggage delay is $150. FWD travel insurance is an excellent option for businesses that frequently send employees on trips, as it offers comprehensive coverage.

FWD offers reliably cheap prices for all of its plans compared to the competition for all kinds of travel destinations and trip durations, making FWD a versatile choice for your travel insurance needs.

Plan NameCoverageBenefitsPrice Range
Single Trip PlansPersonal accidents, medical expenses, trip cancellation, rental car excess, winter sports coverage, and morePrices range from $25+ for basic plans to $100+ for comprehensive plansUp to 182 days coverage
FWD Business PlanMedical expenses, trip cancellation, lost/damaged baggage, flight delay, and moreCOVID-19 add-on availableSuitable for business travelers
FWD First PlanPersonal accidents, baggage delay, car rental excess cover, and moreComprehensive coverage at an affordable priceSuitable for budget-conscious travelers
FWD Premium PlanTrip cancellation, medical expenses, COVID-19 coverage, and moreExtensive benefits and coverage levels at a competitive price pointMid-tier travel insurance plan
This Table illustrates FWD Travel Insurance Plans based on coverage, benefits, and price.

Single Trip plans

FWD offers Single Trip plans for those seeking travel insurance coverage for a one-time trip. Customers who purchase a Single Trip travel plan with FWD can opt to take up FWD’s COVID-19 add-on coverage for trips up to 90 days.

FWD’s Single Trip plans offer coverage for various incidents, including personal accidents, medical expenses, and trip cancellations, with prices ranging from $25+ for basic plans to $100+ for the most comprehensive ones. FWD also offers add-on coverage for other specific incidents, such as rental car excesses and winter sports coverage.

Customers can choose the duration of their Single Trip coverage, with coverage available for trips up to 182 days. FWD’s Single Trip plans also include a 24/7 worldwide emergency assistance hotline for travelers needing help abroad. The coverage for each trip is limited to the duration of the trip itself, meaning customers can purchase coverage for each trip individually.

FWD Business Plan

FWD offers travel insurance plans that cover various aspects of travel, including flight delay, trip cancellation, lost baggage, and medical expenses up to S$200,000 with a Covid-19 add-on. While FWD’s travel insurance plans are suitable for business travelers, it is recommended that business travelers look for plans that include coverage for rental cars, business equipment, and travel.

Additionally, FWD Business offers travel insurance plans that cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, and loss/damage of baggage, among other things. Therefore, FWD offers business travelers travel insurance plans through FWD Business Plan.

FWD First Plan

FWD First Plan is one of the three types of travel insurance plans offered by FWD Insurance. It provides the highest coverage limit among the three plans, making it an ideal option for budget-conscious travelers who want adequate travel protection.

The plan includes car rental excess cover with a limit of $1,000, which can be useful in case of an accident or damage to the rental car. It also covers baggage delay, with a benefit limit of $900, payable at $150 for every six-hour overseas delay and $150 after six hours in Singapore.

This can help travelers to manage expenses during unexpected baggage delays. Additionally, the plan offers personal accident coverage with a limit of $400,000, providing financial protection in the event of accidents and injury during the trip. Overall, FWD First Plan is a great choice for travelers who want comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.

FWD Premium Plan| Mid-tier Travel Insurance Plan

FWD offers three tiers of travel insurance plans, including the FWD Premium Plan, to cater to different levels of coverage for all kinds of travel destinations and trip durations.FWD Premium is a solid mid-tier travel insurance plan that offers extensive benefits and coverage levels at a competitive price point.

The plan offers up to S$5,000 for trip cancellation (within 30 days pre-trip) and up to S$200,000 in medical expenses during or after your trip, all due to COVID-19. The plan is geared towards addressing the concerns of travelers seeking different levels of coverage at an affordable price. Customers can purchase FWD’s travel insurance if eligible according to the terms and conditions.

Their website does not mention the maximum number of people allowed in a policy and the age limit for buying travel insurance from FWD. Overall, the FWD Premium Plan offers comprehensive coverage options and is great for travelers seeking affordable yet extensive travel insurance coverage.

What’s The Difference Between FWD Single Trip and Annual Travel Insurance?

FWD offers both single-trip and annual travel insurance plans. Single-trip insurance covers one specific trip up to 180 days, while an annual travel plan covers any trip made during the period of insurance, as long as one trip is less than 90 days. An annual travel plan can be cost-effective if you plan to travel multiple times a year.

What’s The Difference Between FWD Single Trip and Annual Travel Insurance

When deciding between single-trip and annual travel insurance, consider the costs of buying single-trip insurance for each trip versus the cost of an annual plan.

If an annual plan is more cost-effective, it may be the better choice. However, annual plans can be more expensive than single-trip plans, ranging from $200 upwards, and if you’re not planning your coverage properly, you might be paying for days of coverage you don’t need. Single-trip policies are cheaper for shorter trips, while annual plans may be more economical for longer or multiple trips.

Another advantage of an annual travel plan is that it saves you time and effort in buying insurance for each trip separately. However, one drawback of multi-trip travel insurance is the annual maximum on-trip cancellation benefits, which can be a constraint if there’s only one big trip.

Single-trip insurance can be better if you only take one big vacation or travel with children. FWD offers COVID-19 Enhanced Travel Benefits for single-trip and annual trip plans, covering up to 90 days per trip.

What Countries Does FWD Travel Insurance Cover?

FWD Travel Insurance covers a wide range of countries for travelers seeking coverage.

The countries covered include ASEAN countries such as Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as other Asian countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, East Timor, Fiji, India, Japan, Maldives, Nepal, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. However, it should be noted that FWD Travel Insurance excludes coverage for countries such as Afghanistan, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Libya, Liberia, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and any country where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore advises against traveling to or recommends postponing your trip.

FWD offers different types of travel insurance plans that cover various kinds of travel destinations. Their affordable travel insurance plans cover flight delays, trip cancellations, lost baggage, medical expenses up to S$200,000, and more. They also provide Covid-19 support and coverage during uncertain times.

It is important for travelers to carefully review the policy wording to understand the specific details and limitations of the coverage they purchase. After purchasing FWD’s travel insurance, travelers will receive their travel insurance summary, policy wording, and a tax invoice.

The Top 10 Best Travel Insurance Plans in Singapore with COVID-19 Coverage

As of May 2023, numerous travel insurance plans in Singapore offer COVID-19 coverage. It’s important to note that not all plans are created equal, and some offer more comprehensive coverage than others. Here are some of the top travel insurance plans in Singapore that provide COVID-19 coverage:

  1. Allianz Travel Insurance: Allianz provides medical coverage of up to S$200,000 for travelers aged 69 and below. They also offer coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, and travel delays.
  2. FWD Travel Insurance: FWD offers COVID-19 enhanced travel benefits as an add-on to their travel insurance policies. This add-on covers medical expenses related to COVID-19 and trip cancellations or disruptions due to COVID-19.
  3. MSIG TravelEasy: MSIG’s TravelEasy provides over 50 benefits, including automatic COVID-19 coverage for single-trip plans.
  4. Singlife with Aviva Travel Insurance: Singlife offers COVID-19 coverage as an add-on to their travel insurance policies. This add-on covers medical expenses, trip cancellation or postponement, and quarantine-related expenses.
  5. DBS Chubb Travel Insurance: DBS Chubb offers COVID-19 coverage as an add-on to their travel insurance policies. This add-on covers medical expenses, trip cancellation or postponement, and emergency medical evacuation.
  6. Sompo Travel Insurance: Sompo provides coverage for medical expenses related to COVID-19 and trip cancellation or disruption due to COVID-19.
  7. Etiqa Travel Insurance: Etiqa offers COVID-19 coverage as an add-on to their travel insurance policies. This add-on covers medical expenses related to COVID-19 and trip cancellations or disruptions due to COVID-19.
  8. HL Assurance: HL Assurance offers COVID-19 coverage as an add-on to their travel insurance policies. This add-on covers medical expenses related to COVID-19 and trip cancellations or disruptions due to COVID-19.
  9. AIG Travel Guard: AIG Travel Guard provides COVID-19 coverage for medical expenses and trip cancellations or disruptions due to COVID-19.
  10. Allied World Travel Insurance: Allied World provides COVID-19 coverage for medical expenses and trip cancellations or disruptions due to COVID-19.

Overall, it’s essential to read the fine print of each policy to determine the specific coverage provided. Some plans may offer more comprehensive coverage than others, so choosing a plan that best fits your travel needs is important.

Cheapest travel insurance in Singapore

There are several options for finding the cheapest travel insurance in Singapore. One provider, Citibank Travel Insurance, offers plans starting at $32, with add-on COVID-19 coverage available for an additional $19.91. Another provider, Insurance Market, is currently offering a 5% discount on top of existing discounts for the cheapest travel insurance in Singapore.

Cheapest travel insurance in Singapore

Ergo, AXA and Etiqa travel insurance are among the cheapest options. Meanwhile, NTUC Income offers an hourly travel insurance policy for travelers to Bintan, Batam, and Malaysia with COVID-19 coverage.

It’s important to note that while cost is certainly a factor to consider, ensuring that the insurance product you choose offers adequate coverage for your needs is also essential.

For instance, Allianz Travel Insurance offers coverage for both COVID-19 and cruises to nowhere and includes a promotion for a 40% discount with a minimum premium of S$60 using the promo code TRAVEL40. HL Assurance offers high medical overseas benefits, immediate post-journey medical claims cover, and a travel no-claims discount of up to 10%.

How to Find the Best Travel Insurance in Singapore to Suit You

When finding the best travel insurance in Singapore, it is important to consider your specific insurance needs and budget. Start by researching and comparing different travel insurance plans from various providers.

Look for coverage that includes your intended travel destinations and activities and any pre-existing medical conditions you may have. Additionally, consider the coverage limits, deductibles, and any exclusions in the terms and conditions.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure the policy covers everything you need and understand any limitations or requirements. Some policies may require you to provide proof of onward travel or proof of return flights. In contrast, others may not cover certain activities like extreme sports or pre-existing medical conditions.

Consider taking advantage of promotions and discounts when available. For example, Allianz Travel Insurance offers a 40% discount and up to S$60 via PayNow when you apply with the promo code TRAVEL40 by 30 Apr 2023.

Remember, the best travel insurance policy provides adequate coverage for your specific needs and budget while being transparent about its terms and conditions.

180-Day Advance Purchase

FWD travel insurance offers a 180-Day Advance Purchase plan covering unexpected traveling events. This plan requires that the policyholder purchase their insurance at least 180 days before the start of their trip.

The plan covers various events, including trip cancellations, interruptions, medical emergencies, and emergency medical evacuations. It includes baggage and personal effects coverage, travel delays, and missed connections.

One of the key benefits of the FWD travel insurance 180-Day Advance Purchase plan is that it offers peace of mind for travelers who want to plan and ensure they are protected against unexpected events. By purchasing the plan at least 180 days in advance, travelers can enjoy the benefits of comprehensive coverage without worrying about last-minute insurance purchases or unexpected expenses.

If you’re planning a trip and want to ensure you’re protected against unforeseen events, consider FWD travel insurance’s 180-Day Advance Purchase plan. It’s a great way to plan and enjoy your trip with confidence.

FWD Travel Insurance Add-ons

FWD Travel Insurance offers a variety of add-ons that can be purchased to enhance your policy. One of their most relevant add-ons in the current climate is their COVID-19 Enhanced Travel Benefits Add-On, which provides coverage for medical expenses related to COVID-19 during your trip.

Compare FWD travel insurance plans against other leading providers in Singapore.

This add-on includes coverage for COVID-19-related medical treatment, quarantine accommodation costs, and emergency medical evacuation.

In addition to their COVID-19 Enhanced Travel Benefits Add-On, FWD Travel Insurance offers a range of other add-ons to help customize your policy. For instance, they offer a Personal Accident Coverage add-on, which provides a lump sum payout for accidental death or permanent disablement due to an accident while on your trip.

Other add-ons offered by FWD Travel Insurance include Trip Cancellation, Trip Curtailment, Travel Delay, and Baggage Delay add-ons. These add-ons cover unexpected events that may cause your trip to be canceled or delayed, such as severe weather or a family emergency.

Overall, FWD Travel Insurance offers a variety of add-ons to customize your policy to fit your specific travel needs. Whether you’re looking for coverage for COVID-19-related medical expenses, personal accident coverage, or protection against unexpected trip disruptions, FWD has add-ons to help provide the needed coverage.

COVID-19 add-on coverage offered by FWD Travel

FWD Travel offers COVID-19 add-on coverage for their Single Trip travel plan and Annual Travel plans. The add-on coverage can opt for trips up to 90 days long or less per trip.

The key benefits of this coverage include COVID-19 medical expenses, trip cancellation or postponement due to COVID-19, trip curtailment due to COVID-19, and emergency medical evacuation due to COVID-19. Moreover, it covers the cost of COVID-19 testing if it is required for travel. In addition, FWD Travel provides a 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance hotline for travelers to call in case of an emergency.

FWD Travel’s COVID-19 add-on coverage offers enhanced travel benefits for travelers during the pandemic. Reading and understanding the coverage policy before purchasing travel insurance is crucial to ensure it meets your needs and requirements. Other travel insurance companies may also offer COVID-19 coverage, so it’s worth shopping around to find the best coverage for your needs.

FWD is also one of the few insurers that offer unlimited medical evacuation across all its plans. Customers who opt to take up FWD Travel Insurance with COVID-19 add-on for single-trip plans will enjoy coverage pre-trip (within 30 days), during, and after the trip (within 14 days).

Lastly, it offers a travel insurance app (FWDFLYER) that offers cashless outpatient treatments at FWD-approved panel clinics, helps you locate the nearest clinics, and offers emergency assistance contacts & local police information, and customer service.

FWD Travel Insurance Benefits & Coverage

FWD Travel Insurance offers various benefits and coverage options to ensure travelers have peace of mind when embarking on their journeys.

The plans cover individuals, couples, families, and groups of up to seven people traveling to ASEAN countries. The plans come with personal protection coverage, including medical expenses up to S$200,000, flight cancellations, trip delays, and protection against loss, theft, or damage to personal belongings.

FWD Travel Insurance also covers travel inconveniences, such as missed flights and connections and missing or delayed baggage. The plans offer free extensions, lifestyle covers, and customizable coverage options—family-friendly coverage, including coverage for dependent children.

Moreover, FWD Travel Insurance covers various adventure sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and scuba diving up to S$2,000 across all plans, which is great news for travelers seeking coverage for sports equipment. However, coverage exceptions for leisure activities vary from plan to plan. Therefore, reviewing the plan’s policy provisions for exact terms and conditions and the full list of exclusions is best.

In addition, FWD Travel Insurance offers enhanced COVID-19 travel benefits, which provide coverage for COVID-19 testing and treatment, post-departure trip interruption transportation benefits, and quarantine.

Overall, FWD Travel Insurance offers a range of customizable coverage options to fit the needs of various travelers, including those seeking adventure sports coverage and those traveling with their families.

Travel Inconvenience

FWD Travel Insurance offers an Inconvenience benefit that covers non-refundable prepaid expenses for canceled or interrupted trips. This benefit can be valuable if unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, illness, or death, cause you to cancel or cut short your trip.

FWD’s Inconvenience benefit will only cover expenses irrecoverable from service providers and subject to policy limits. It’s important to read and understand the policy before purchasing travel insurance to ensure coverage meets your needs. Travel insurance can provide peace of mind knowing you are protected from the unexpected.

 Missing & Delayed Baggage

FWD’s Missing & Delayed Baggage benefit offers reimbursement for essential items needed while waiting for delayed luggage to arrive during a trip. Coverage for theft of or damage to your personal belongingsThe benefit provides up to $100 per person, per day, for a maximum of five days, with no receipts required.

However, if receipts are available, FWD will pay up to the plan’s daily reimbursement limit. It is important to submit a claim form within 20 days of the delay or loss, along with necessary documentation such as the travel itinerary and written confirmation from the carrier.

Personal Protection

FWD Insurance offers various personal protection benefits to safeguard individuals from unforeseen circumstances. One of their products, FWD Set for Life, is a variable unit-linked insurance plan that protects against death, total and permanent disability, and critical illness.

Additionally, FWD’s Flexi Benefit Plan offers a range of customizable options for employee group indemnity medical insurance coverage. FWD Recover First policy allows for a 12-month reset period instead of termination after a claim is made, ensuring continued coverage under the Death Benefit.

FWD covers COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in their personal accident insurance plans. Overall, FWD provides comprehensive protection for individuals’ needs.

Coverage Exceptions for Leisure Activities

FWD travel insurance covers various leisure activities, including paragliding, scuba diving, mountain biking, and more. However, it’s important to note that there may be exceptions to their coverage for certain activities. For instance, FWD’s Sports Equipment Protector rider only covers certain sports equipment, such as golf clubs, scuba diving gear, and bicycles.

FWD travel insurance doesn’t cover motor vehicles used for carrying persons or cargo for a charge. Reviewing the policy details carefully is essential to understand the coverage exceptions for different leisure activities. This way, travelers can make informed decisions and ensure they have the appropriate coverage for their chosen activities.

Lifestyle Cover and Free Extensions

FWD offers Lifestyle Cover Plus Prestige, which provides global 24-hour assistance and third-party coverage. This plan includes daily cash payments for hospital treatment and a 10% discount when purchased online.

The policy covers loss of valuables or personal money up to S$3,000 and offers free extensions such as loss of frequent flyer points, disappearance, and suffocation by smoke or gas. FWD also offers a one-time extension of policy coverage, which can be requested online and is processed almost immediately. FWD’s Lifestyle Cover provides policyholders with comprehensive coverage and additional benefits.

Coverage of Adventure Sports

FWD travel insurance covers various adventure sports, including paragliding, scuba diving, mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, and snowboarding. However, the coverage provided may vary based on the type of activity and the policy purchased.

It is essential to check the policy terms and conditions to understand what is covered and excluded. While purchasing adventure sports coverage, disclosing any pre-existing medical conditions and ensuring the policy provides adequate coverage for medical emergencies, including emergency evacuation and repatriation.

Family-Friendly Coverage

FWD’s Family First Takaful covers 56 serious illnesses, offering direct financial support in a lump sum payment to policyholders. However, there doesn’t seem to be any information on FWD offering specific family-friendly coverage.

Family-friendly policies in the workplace typically include benefits that acknowledge employees’ outside obligations to family life and well-being. FWD offers travel insurance plans that are great for budget-conscious travelers and individuals with comprehensive insurance coverage. Customers can visit their website or contact customer service for inquiries on FWD’s coverage options and eligibility.

Customizable Coverage

FWD is a popular insurance provider offering a range of customizable coverage plans to suit individual needs. Per their website, FWD car insurance plans have several options, including the No Claims Discount (NCD) and the ability to select your preferred car repair workshop when making a claim.

Customers can also easily manage their policies and make claims through the FWD Tapp or online customer portal. FWD’s customizable coverage plans include health and life protection and investment options. FWD’s focus on customization and convenience makes it a popular choice for insurance seekers in the Philippines 

Cons of FWD Travel Insurance

FWD Travel Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for individuals, couples, families, and groups traveling to various destinations, including ASEAN countries.

However, some cons of FWD Travel Insurance include its general insurance limitations, such as the lack of coverage for out-of-country medical expenses under most medical health insurance plans. Additionally, the FWD Premium Plan offers limited coverage for baggage delay up to S$150, while personal accident coverage is up to S$200,000.

While FWD Travel Insurance offers a Covid-19 rider that provides coverage for medical expenses, hospitalization, and quarantine related to the virus, the rider’s cost may be higher than other insurers, such as Direct Asia and Etiqa Tiq. It is essential to carefully review FWD Travel Insurance’s terms and conditions to understand the limitations and exclusions of its general insurance policies.

Compare FWD travel insurance plans against other leading providers in Singapore for budget-conscious travelers.

For budget-conscious travelers looking for travel insurance options in Singapore, FWD offers three tiers of plans with different levels of coverage starting from as low as $9 for a single trip and $178.50 for an annual worldwide travel plan.

Compare FWD travel insurance plans against other leading providers in Singapore.

These plans offer medical coverage of up to $200,000 for medical expenses incurred overseas and up to $15,000 for medical costs incurred in Singapore, daily income if hospitalized, and maximum reimbursement of up to $18,750 for any trip canceled before leaving Singapore. However, FWD is not the only option for travelers seeking affordable travel insurance products.

Other leading Singapore providers offering travel insurance products for budget-conscious travelers include AIG and AXA. AIG offers plans with different levels of coverage, starting from as low as $16 for a single trip and $260 for an annual plan.

AXA offers a SmartTraveller Essential plan from $14 for a single trip to $298 for an annual one. These plans offer medical, trip cancellation, and personal accident coverage.

When comparing travel insurance products from different providers, it’s important to consider the specific coverage offered, as well as the cost of the plan.

It’s also worth considering reviews from other travelers who have used the insurance product and any additional benefits that the plan may offer. Overall, FWD and other leading providers offer affordable travel insurance options for budget-conscious travelers in Singapore. Still, it’s important to research and compare plans before selecting the best one for your needs.

ProviderPrice (single trip)Price (annual plan)Medical CoverageTrip CancellationCOVID-19 Coverage24/7 Assistance
FWD$9$178.50Up to $200,000 overseas, Up to $15,000 in SingaporeUp to $18,750 reimbursementYesNo
DBS Chubb Travel Insurance$75 to $280$367YesYesYes (overseas medical expenses)Yes
Sompo Travel Insurance$61 for a $1,000 trip ASEAN countries  $238.61-$304.20- global coverage  S$324-S$340YesYesYesNo
NTUC Income Travel Insurance$15.90$204.70Up to $1,000,000 overseas, Up to $150,000 SingaporeYesYesYes
This Table Compares FWD travel insurance plans against other leading providers in Singapore. Note: Prices are in SGD (Singapore dollars). 

DBS Chubb Travel Insurance – Best for Overseas Medical Expenses Coverage

DBS Chubb Travel Insurance is a popular travel insurance plan in Singapore, known to be the country’s most expensive travel insurance plan. The plan provides comprehensive coverage for travel-related issues, including overseas medical expenses. With this plan, travelers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are covered in the event of an unforeseen medical emergency.

DBS Chubb Travel Insurance provides 24-hour emergency assistance services in case of a medical emergency. Travelers can call the emergency assistance number provided by Chubb at +65 6398 8797. The plan covers medical expenses incurred overseas due to COVID-19, ensuring that travelers are covered in case of infection while traveling.

DBS Chubb Travel Insurance provides excellent coverage for overseas medical expenses, making it an ideal choice for travelers who prioritize their health and safety while traveling. With 24-hour emergency assistance and comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, this plan provides the necessary support for travelers in a medical emergency.

Sompo Travel Insurance – Best for Quick and Easy COVID-19 Coverage

Sompo Travel Insurance is a great option for quick and easy COVID-19 coverage while traveling. Sompo’s travel insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage for COVID-19 and other travel-related mishaps, such as trip cancellations, lost luggage, and medical emergencies. The company’s emergency hotline is also available 24/7, assisting with travel insurance emergencies.

One of the standout features of Sompo Travel Insurance is its online claims process. Policyholders can submit their claims through the company’s website, making it a hassle-free and convenient experience. This is especially important during social distancing and reduced face-to-face interactions.

Additionally, Sompo offers two travel insurance plans – Essential and Superior. The Essential plan provides basic coverage, while the Superior plan offers more comprehensive coverage. This allows travelers to choose the best plan for their needs and budget.

Overall, Sompo Travel Insurance is an excellent choice for those seeking reliable and easy COVID-19 coverage while traveling, especially with their hassle-free online claims process.

NTUC Income Travel Insurance – Best for 24/7 Assistance

NTUC Income Travel Insurance is highly rated for its 24/7 assistance services. The insurer provides a wide range of emergency assistance services that can be accessed anytime, anywhere in the world.

These include medical referrals, emergency message relays, arranging medical evacuation or repatriation, emergency translation, and emergency cash transfer. Moreover, NTUC Income offers up to $1,000,000 coverage for COVID-19 medical expenses while overseas per individual and double the coverage for overseas transport and accommodation expenses related to COVID-19.

NTUC Income also offers coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, which is rare in Singapore, according to a review by ValueChampion. The insurer’s FlexiTravel Hourly Insurance is also a unique offering, allowing customers to buy travel insurance hourly through the My Income app.

NTUC Income Travel Insurance is a great option for travelers who want reliable and comprehensive 24/7 assistance in an emergency.

AIG Travel Insurance – Best for COVID-19 Quarantine Allowance

AIG Travel Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for COVID-19-related issues, including quarantine allowances, trip cancellation or interruption due to COVID-19, and emergency medical expenses related to COVID-19.

Their Travel Guard Preferred plan covers medical expenses up to $50,000, dental expenses up to $500, and emergency evacuation compensation of $500,000. Additionally, their Travel Guard Deluxe plan offers 100% coverage for trip cancellation and 150% of the insured trip cost.

AIG Travel Insurance has recognized the unique concerns posed by the COVID-19 outbreak and has developed a resource center to help travelers prepare for its risks and challenges. Some of their travel insurance plans cover COVID-19-related expenses, including quarantine allowances.

They also offer a COVID-19 coverage plan that includes emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation or interruption, and quarantine allowances.

It is important to note that not all AIG Travel Insurance plans include coverage for quarantine allowances or COVID-19-related expenses. Coverage depends on the specific plan selected, so it is crucial to carefully review the policy terms and conditions before purchasing.

Great Eastern Travel Insurance – Best for Discounted Rates

Great Eastern Travel Insurance offers various travel insurance plans with competitive pricing that caters to the budget-conscious traveler. They offer affordable basic-tier travel insurance plans, both single and annual, to Malaysia, which are priced below the industry average.

Moreover, Great Eastern offers discounts for customers who purchase travel insurance online through their website or mobile app. Customers can receive up to 45% off their premiums when they purchase travel insurance online.

Although Great Eastern Travel Insurance provides budget-friendly options, it’s essential to consider the coverage provided by the policy before purchasing. Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the coverage provided by Great Eastern’s Covid-19 insurance compared to other insurers.

Thus, reading the travel policy documents and comparing coverage with other insurers is important to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Allianz Travel Insurance – Best for Frequent Travelers

Allianz Travel Insurance offers a variety of plans that cater to the specific needs of frequent travelers. With Allianz’s annual travel insurance plans, frequent travelers can enjoy comprehensive coverage throughout the year for a reasonable cost. Allianz’s AllTrips Premier plan offers customizable coverage, including trip cancellation, emergency medical benefits, baggage theft/loss coverage, and more.

Allianz’s Global Assistance plan covers medical expenses and evacuation, 24-hour travel assistance, and travel cancellation benefits for those traveling internationally frequently.

Allianz’s travel insurance plans are also competitively priced, with quotes ranging from $153 to $270 depending on the level of coverage. Additionally, Allianz is known for excellent customer service and efficient claims processing.

Frequent travelers can benefit from Allianz Travel Insurance’s comprehensive coverage, reasonable cost, and excellent customer service. It is worth considering for those who travel often and want to ensure they are protected in unexpected events.

Etiqa Tiq Travel Insurance – Best for Emergency Medical Evacuation

Etiqa Tiq Travel Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for emergency medical evacuation, making it an excellent choice for travelers looking for protection against unexpected medical emergencies while abroad. Etiqa offers three benefit packages for people with non-pre-existing medical conditions, and even those with pre-existing conditions can purchase plans if their condition is stable.

The Tiq Travel Insurance offers medical coverage of up to $1,000,000 in its luxury plan, making it ideal for travelers looking for extensive coverage.

Additionally, the Etiqa Tiq Travel Insurance plan offers medical evacuation benefits up to the policy limit, ensuring that travelers receive the necessary medical care to be transported to a medical facility or hospital.

Medical evacuation coverage is crucial, especially for travelers who plan to visit remote or less developed regions, where access to medical care may be limited. Etiqa’s Tiq travel insurance plan also offers hassle-free claims submission through its online portal, making it a convenient option for travelers.

Etiqa Tiq Travel Insurance is an affordable and comprehensive option for travelers seeking emergency medical evacuation coverage.

Domestic Helper Insurance

Domestic Helper Insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for domestic helpers, including local part-time helpers, foreign domestic helpers, and postnatal care helpers. Such policies cover different aspects of a helper’s well-being, including accidents, illnesses, and death.

Basic plans typically cover only what the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance requires, costing around $300 per year, while more comprehensive plans can cost up to $500 per year.

These insurance policies usually cover accidental death or permanent disability due to an accident, medical expenses for illnesses or injuries, and liability protection if the helper causes damage to the employer’s property or injures a third party. Some policies may include benefits such as paid vacation days and health insurance.

Understanding the coverage and exclusions of different policies is essential before selecting one. Policies can vary depending on the provider and coverage. It’s also crucial to comply with relevant laws and regulations and meet obligations as an employer of domestic helpers. Some popular providers of Domestic Helper Insurance in Hong Kong include HSBC, Dah Sing Insurance, and FWD.

MSIG TravelEasy Travel Insurance

MSIG TravelEasy is a popular travel insurance policy in Singapore that covers travel risks such as trip cancellations, flight delays, lost or stolen travel documents, medical expenses, and follow-up treatment after a trip. The policy automatically includes COVID-19 coverage for single and annual trips, making it a reliable choice for travelers in the current pandemic.

MSIG TravelEasy also offers coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and students going overseas for studies through its TravelEasy Pre-Ex and MSIG Global Study plans, respectively.

Filing a claim with MSIG is also relatively easy, as customers can complete the process online or via mobile phones. In case of emergency, customers can contact MSIG’s 24-hour emergency hotline at +65 6323 8288 for assistance.

MSIG TravelEasy is a practical and reliable travel insurance policy covering various travel risks and providing responsive customer service. Customers can purchase the policy quickly and easily online and have the peace of mind of knowing they are protected during their travels.

DBS TravellerShield Plus

DBS TravellerShield Plus is a travel insurance plan distributed by DBS Bank and underwritten by Chubb Insurance, providing coverage for individuals embarking on overseas trips, including cruises. This plan covers medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, travel delays, and pre-existing medical conditions.

DBS TravellerShield Plus is also applicable for cruises to nowhere, with Malaysia being selected as the destination. This travel insurance is popular among Singaporeans, especially DBS and POSB customers.

DBS TravellerShield Plus comes in three tiers, namely Classic, Premier, and Platinum, with different levels of coverage and price points. The Platinum tier provides the most extensive coverage, including overseas medical expenses of up to SGD 1,000,000, while the Classic tier offers coverage of up to SGD 300,000.

Customers can submit their claims and supporting documents online or through a hotline provided by Chubb Insurance. Promotions for premium discounts and instant coupon redemption are also available.

SingLife with Aviva Travel Insurance – Best for Family Travel Insurance Plans

Singlife with Aviva Travel Insurance offers a range of benefits for families traveling abroad. One of the standout features is the Family Package, which covers the policyholder, their spouse, and legal children traveling together on the same single trip.

The annual family plan also covers the policyholder and spouse, even if they do not travel together. Still, their children below 16 must accompany either parent for any trip. Singlife Travel Insurance also offers S$8,000 in family assistance benefits, up to S$25,000 in child education benefits, compassionate visit cover of up to S$25,000, and childminder benefits of up to S$25,000.

When submitting travel policy documents, Singlife with Aviva Travel Insurance requires policyholders to mail the original supporting documents to the Singlife Travel Insurance Claims office, with the policy number indicated on each document.

For claims that require reimbursement for upfront expenses paid, policyholders must indicate their policy number on the original documents and submit them to the same address. Reviewing the policy terms and conditions thoroughly and understanding the claims process to ensure a smooth claims experience is important.

FWD Travel Insurance Make a Claim

FWD Travel Insurance offers a simple and hassle-free process for making a claim. To initiate a claim, customers can submit their claims online. The online claims process is easy to navigate and allows customers to submit their claims with all the necessary documents from the comfort of their own homes.

FWD Travel Insurance Make a Claim

However, customers must have all the relevant documents and information before making a claim. The required documents may vary depending on the type of claim being made. For instance, in case of trip disruption, customers must provide documents such as travel itineraries, booking invoices, proof from merchants of non-refundable items, etc.

To make a WhatsApp claim for travel delay or baggage delay, you can send the message “I have a claim” to FWD Claims at +65 9128 8552 and WhatsApp photos of the required documents.

As for hardcopy claims, you must complete the online claims procedure and mail your original documents to: FWD Singapore Pte Ltd (Claims Team), 6 Temasek Boulevard #18-01, Suntec Tower 4, Singapore 038986.

After submitting the claim, customers can track their claim status online and contact the customer support team if they require further assistance. Overall, FWD Travel Insurance provides a seamless online claims process that helps customers claim their benefits without the hassle.

How to claim FWD travel insurance for trip cancellation?

To claim FWD travel insurance for trip cancellation, you need to submit the required documents and follow the claim procedure. To start the process, you must gather all the necessary information, including your policy number and the date and reason for cancellation. You can submit your travel claim online or via email, and you need to provide the following documents:

  1. Proof of the covered reason for cancellation, such as a doctor’s note, travel itinerary, booking invoices, or memo from the transport operator stating the reason for disruption. 
  2. Prepaid trip costs, such as invoices and receipts, for which you want reimbursing. 

You can contact FWD for help in emergencies, such as lost check-in baggage or medical emergencies. You will receive reimbursement for the covered costs if your claim is approved. You will receive a full refund if you cancel your policy before the trip start date. You will receive a pro-rated refund minus a cancellation fee if you cancel after the coverage start date. 

FWD Insurance Contact Info

FWD Insurance is a multinational company based in Hong Kong, offering a range of life and medical insurance, general insurance, and employee benefits in Asia.

FWD Insurance Contact Info

For those who wish to contact FWD Insurance in Singapore, their address is #18-01 Suntec Tower 4, 6 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038986. They can be reached by phone at +65 6820 8888 during weekdays from 9 am to 10 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. They are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

In case of an emergency, FWD Insurance provides optional benefits or independent add-ons, which offer assistance and support in difficult situations. Customers can contact FWD Insurance for help through their hotline or by visiting their website to make a claim. FWD also offers a Speak Up program, allowing anyone to report business concerns without fear of retaliation.

FWD Insurance’s products can be purchased online or through a financial adviser. The FWD difference is their commitment to empowering everyone to live confidently and say yes to life today.

FWD Travel Insurance Hotline

FWD Travel Insurance provides its customers with a hotline number for emergency assistance. The hotline is available 24/7, and customers can call from anywhere worldwide to seek assistance in an emergency.

The hotline for emergency assistance from Singapore is 3158 7652, while customers from Hong Kong can call 800 903 375 and those from Malaysia on 015 4877 0361. The hotline number for emergency assistance is also available on their website.

FWD Travel Insurance policyholders are eligible for emergency assistance, and the company is always ready to assist them to the best of their ability. In case of an emergency, customers can call the emergency assistance hotline number and get help from FWD. Customers should keep their policy details and emergency assistance number handy while traveling to seek help promptly in an emergency.

FWD SG app

FWD SG app is a mobile application offered by FWD Insurance, a leading online insurance company in Singapore. The app gives customers easy access to their policy documents, medical card, and other important information.

It also allows customers to search for workshops, clinics, and hospitals in their vicinity. In addition, customers can use the app to cancel their policies and obtain information on refunds and cancellations.

THE FWD SG app is particularly useful for customers with FWD car insurance policies. With the app, customers can opt for their preferred car repair workshop when making a claim. The app also provides information on the cars that can be insured under FWD’s car insurance, who can purchase the insurance, and what needs to be declared for the number of claims.

Overall, the FWD SG app is a user-friendly and convenient tool for FWD Insurance customers. It provides quick and easy access to important policy information and simplifies the claims process for car insurance policyholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is FWD travel insurance?

FWD travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage for travel-related issues such as trip cancellation, medical emergencies, and loss or damage to personal belongings. The policies are competitively priced and offer flexible coverage options to suit your needs.

Can I cancel FWD travel insurance?

Yes, you can cancel your FWD travel insurance policy if you change your mind before your trip. However, there may be certain terms and conditions for cancellation, and you may not receive a full refund. It is best to check the policy document or contact customer support for more information.

Is FWD travel insurance easy to claim?

Yes, FWD travel insurance has a simple and hassle-free claims process. You can file a claim online or through their app, and their customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you. Additionally, you can enjoy cashless medical outpatient services and emergency assistance while traveling.

Does FWD travel insurance cover cruises?

Yes, FWD travel insurance covers cruises, including trip cancellation, medical emergencies, and loss or damage to personal belongings.

Does FWD travel insurance cover skiing?

FWD travel insurance covers skiing and other winter sports activities, including medical emergencies and equipment loss or damage.

Is Forward health insurance?

Forward is a healthcare provider that offers primary care services, including check-ups, lab tests, and vaccinations. Their membership model allows you to access their services for a monthly fee.

Is Forward health insurance Medicare?

No, Forward is not a Medicare insurance provider. They do not offer coverage for hospitalization, surgeries, or other specialized medical procedures.

Is Forward health insurance Medicaid?

No, Forward is not a Medicaid insurance provider. They do not offer coverage for low-income individuals or families who qualify for Medicaid.

Does travel insurance cover driving abroad?

Yes, most travel insurance policies cover driving abroad, including rental cars. However, checking the policy document for any exclusions or limitations is important.

Does FWD travel insurance cover terrorism?

Yes, FWD travel insurance offers coverage for acts of terrorism, including trip cancellation and medical emergencies.

How do I submit a COVID-19 insurance claim, and what documents are required?

To submit a COVID-19 insurance claim with FWD travel insurance, you must provide medical documentation confirming the diagnosis of COVID-19 and the necessity of medical treatment. Additionally, suppose your travel plans were affected by a delay or cancellation due to COVID-19. In that case, you must provide proof of every six hours of delay for delays in Singapore or overseas and any relevant documents showing the disruption of your travel plans. Claims must be made within 30 days of your return.


In conclusion, FWD travel insurance is a reliable choice for travelers seeking comprehensive coverage. Whether you are embarking on single-trip travel insurance or plan to travel multiple times throughout the year, FWD’s mid-tier and premium plans offer extensive benefits to ensure peace of mind during your travels.

With COVID-19 add-on coverage available, you can rest assured that you will be covered for unexpected expenses related to the pandemic. FWD’s premium plan also covers sports equipment up to S$2,000, making it a great choice for adventure seekers. Regarding travel inconveniences, FWD’s premium and mid-tier plans offer benefits for baggage delay and loss and personal accident coverage.

Overall, FWD travel insurance offers a range of coverage options for the many travel needs of today’s travelers, protecting against theft or damage to your belongings, medical emergencies, and other unforeseen circumstances that can arise while on the go.


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