Kemper Life Insurance 2024: A Guide to Affordable Coverage

Kemper Life Insurance

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Kemper Life Insurance is a well-known supplier of life insurance and other insurance products. Since it’s founding more than a century ago, Kemper Life Insurance has earned a reputation for offering families and individuals all around the country superior insurance products.

Kemper Life Insurance is committed to assisting people in protecting the things that are most important to them by offering a variety of insurance coverage alternatives, including whole life insurance, accident and health coverage, and fire/contents protection coverage. Kemper Life Insurance has a solution that can satisfy your needs, whether you’re seeking coverage for yourself, your family, or your business.

About Kemper Life insurance

Kemper Life is part of the Kemper family of companies and is one of the nation’s leading specialized insurers, with approximately $13 billion in assets. It provides life insurance coverage, including life, accident, and health insurance. The company operates through the Kemper Corp. umbrella and is based in St. Louis.

about Kemper Life Insurance

Kemper Life has received an A (Excellent) rating from AM Best for its financial strength, which means that its ability to meet policyholder obligations, such as paying claims, is deemed excellent. Kemper Life, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, provides insurance to individuals, families, and businesses with nearly $15 billion in assets.

The company has a history of providing life and health insurance for over 55 years [5]. The company operates through two segments: Property & Casualty Insurance and Life & Health Insurance.

Kemper Life Insurance Coverage

Kemper Life Insurance offers various types of life insurance coverage to cater to the different needs of its clients.

Kemper Life Insurance Coverage
Kemper Life Insurance Coverage
  1. Whole Life Coverage: Kemper offers Whole Life insurance, a type of permanent life insurance that provides coverage for the insured person’s lifetime as long as premium payments are in good standing. This insurance policy may build cash value, which a policyholder or their heirs can access under certain conditions.
  2. Accident and Health Coverage: Kemper offers Accident and Health coverage, which includes coverage for accidents, cancer, heart attack, etc.

Fire/Contents Protection Coverage: Kemper offers Homeowners insurance that includes standard home coverage and a variety of additional options, including fire and contents replacement coverage. This coverage protects personal belongings such as furniture, appliances, and clothing from theft, fire, explosions, etc.

Kemper Life Insurance Whole Life Coverage

Whole life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance that covers the policyholder’s entire life. It is also known as traditional life insurance and provides a guaranteed death benefit and cash value growth. Whole life insurance pays a specific death benefit in return for premium payments as long as the premiums are agreed upon.

Kemper Life Insurance Whole Life Coverage

Benefits of Whole Life Coverage

Whole life insurance provides a variety of guarantees and offers a death benefit and a savings feature. The policyholder also has a policy cash value that provides a portion of, and eventually all of, the death benefit.

Eligibility for Whole Life Coverage

Whole life insurance is meant to last until the day the policyholder dies, regardless of age, as long as the required premiums are paid. 

Kemper Life Insurance offers Whole Life coverage to individuals aged 3 to 80.

The policy provides level premiums and is available through Kemper’s agents, not online.

 To be eligible for Whole Life coverage, applicants must answer a few health questions and may need to take a medical exam, depending on the policy type.

Kemper also offers term and guaranteed issue life insurance policies. Aspire Benefits provides wide coverage levels for Whole Life insurance plans.

Kemper Life Insurance Accident and Health Coverage

Accident and health coverage is a type of insurance policy that benefits individuals in the case of an accident or health-related events. The coverage helps to absorb medical costs and provides fixed-income payments in case of disability or death. Companies usually provide accident and health benefits to their employees and their families as part of their employee benefits package.

Kemper Life Insurance Accident and Health Coverage

Benefits of Accident and Health Coverage

 Accident and health coverage provides numerous benefits to policyholders. The insurance helps individuals pay for medical and other out-of-pocket costs that may arise after an accidental injury. This includes emergency treatment, hospital stays, medical exams, transportation, and lodging expenses. The payments from the insurance can also be used to cover gaps in health insurance or for any other purpose.

Eligibility for Accident and Health Coverage

The eligibility for accident and health coverage varies from company to company and policy to policy. Some companies may offer the coverage as part of their employee benefits package to all employees, while others may have specific requirements for eligibility.

In some cases, the coverage may be available only to full-time employees. Information regarding specific eligibility criteria and benefit reductions can be obtained by contacting the insurance company or reviewing the group policy form.

Kemper Life Locations

Kemper Life has district offices that comprise its Home Service Companies, which can be found on its website.

Kemper Life Insurance Locations

Kemper provides Auto, Home, and Life insurance solutions for individuals, families, and businesses. Kemper Insurance Company jobs are available in Texas, and Kemper jobs in Texas. The Kemper Health office locations include Jim Wright in Columbia, MO; Travis Allen in Kansas City, MO; Jerry Daniel in St. Joseph, MO; and Joseph Massimino in Wake Forest.

Kemper also offers competitive benefits such as Group Life Insurance, Major Medical & Dental, Short-term & Long-term disability, Retirement Plans, and 401(k) to employees based in Dallas, TX.

Kemper Life Insurance near me

To find a Kemper Life Insurance agent near you, visit the Kemper website and select the “Find an Agent” link. This will provide you with a list of agents in your area who can help you with your life insurance needs. You can also contact Kemper by phone, email, or mail to get more information about their life insurance coverage.

Kemper offers a variety of life insurance coverage options tailored to meet your individual needs, including whole and term life, accident plans, and more. However, if you are looking for auto repair shops in your area, please use the “Find a Repair Shop” link on the Kemper website.

Filing a Claim

You can reach a Kemper Insurance claims representative by calling one of the following numbers:

Call 866-536-7376 to reach Kemper Auto and Commercial Vehicle.

Call 888-252-2799 for Kemper Personal Insurance.

Kemper Life Insurance Filing a claim

You can also submit a claim online by going to their website,, and clicking the “Report a Claim” link. To complete the claims procedure, you must supply some basic information, such as your policy number and specifics about the occurrence.

In addition to filing a claim online or over the phone, you can finish a PDF Claimant Statement, sign it, and either email it or mail it to

You can report your claim anytime because the claims process is accessible around-the-clock.

Kemper Life Insurance Fire/Contents Protection Coverage

Fire/Contents Protection Coverage is a type of insurance provided by Kemper Life Insurance that protects against loss to personal property resulting from fire, lightning, and other causes specified within the policy. This coverage is called contents insurance and provides financial protection for the policyholder’s personal belongings.

Kemper Life Insurance Fire/Contents Protection Coverage

Benefits of Fire/Contents Protection Coverage

The benefits of Fire/Contents Protection Coverage are payable up to the limit of liability based on the actual cash value of the loss. This coverage helps pay to replace or repair the policyholder’s personal belongings in the event of theft or damage from a covered peril such as a fire.

Eligibility for Fire/Contents Protection Coverage

Fire/contents protection coverage is available through Kemper Life Insurance. Eligibility for this coverage depends on the type of policy chosen. For example, Kemper’s Guaranteed Issue Life policy covers individuals who may otherwise be disqualified from a standard life insurance policy.

Kemper Personal Insurance Homeowners Coverage provides property and liability coverage for homeowners, as well as coverages such as Water Backup, Personal Property Replacement Cost, and Identity Theft Protection.

Customers can also save money by bundling their home and auto insurance with Kemper Personal Insurance. Kemper Health Insurance Coverage offers individual and employer-provided voluntary life and health insurance to help customers protect their financial resources.

Kemper Life Insurance Payment

Kemper customers can pay premiums in one lump sum or semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly payment options.

Kemper Life Insurance Payment

Payment can be made using debit cards, credit cards, checking, or savings accounts.

Customers can also set up automatic payments using a debit card, a Discover, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit card. Kemper Auto and Kemper Personal Insurance Policyholders can make quick payments online using Kemper’s payment portal, while Kemper Life and Kemper Health policyholders can pay their bills online with doxo.

Customers can also contact Kemper Life by calling the company at (800) 777-8467, emailing, or searching for an agent in their area. Payments can also be sent to Kemper Auto & Home P.O. Box 550750 Jacksonville, FL 32255, with or without payment stubs.

Kemper Life Insurance Contact

Kemper Life Insurance Contact

You can reach Kemper Life by calling the company at (800) 777-8467

Kemper Life Insurance Locations

Kemper Life Insurance has a field force of over 2,600 employees across the U.S. in 25 states and the District of Columbia, with its headquarters team of more than 300. Customers can use the “Find an Agent” tool on Kemper’s website to find an agent supporting Kemper Life’s line of business.

The tool allows customers to search for agents by address or select insurance products. Kemper also provides contact information for customers who need assistance with their life insurance policies.

 Other ways to contact Kemper Life Insurance

Fax: 405.254.2120


Is Kemper Life Insurance legit?

Yes, Kemper is a legitimate insurance company that offers life insurance. Kemper is a financially safe bet with a relatively high customer satisfaction score.

Is Kemper Life Insurance still in business?

 Yes, Kemper is still in business, as of my knowledge, cut off in 2021.
When did Kemper Insurance go out of business? As of my knowledge, cut off in 2021, Kemper is still in business and has not gone out of business.

Is Kemper a good insurance company?

Kemper received a customer satisfaction rating of 4.1/5, and while they ranked lower than some competitors, they maintained a star rating of 3.9 or better in every category. However, they placed last among major insurance companies in JD Power’s 2021 claims satisfaction survey.

Who is Kemper Life Insurance?

 Kemper is an insurance company that offers a range of insurance products, including life insurance. They offer whole life, term life, guaranteed issue life, accident and health, accident cancer, heart attack, fire/contents protection, and more.

What type of life insurance does Kemper offer?

Kemper offers term life insurance as the most common life insurance coverage.

What are the benefits of having Kemper life insurance?

Kemper life insurance provides benefits that help replace income and can assist your family in meeting many important financial needs. Life insurance proceeds awarded to your family (beneficiaries) due to the death of the insured person(s) are not included in gross income and are not subject to tax.

 Is Kemper life insurance available online?

Kemper life insurance policies are not available online. They are only available through its agents.

 What is the claims process for Kemper life insurance?

The claims process for Kemper Life Insurance begins with the completion of an online PDF of the Claimant Statement, which should be printed, signed, scanned, or photographed and emailed to Customers can also report a claim by calling one of the provided numbers. Once a claim is reported, customers can track its progress through the website’s Where Is My Claim? Page.

What benefits does Kemper Life Insurance Agency offer to employees?

 Kemper Life Insurance Agency offers employees benefits such as dental, health, vision, 401K, accident, etc.

How can I reach Kemper customer service for life insurance?

You can reach Kemper customer service for life insurance by calling the company at (800) 777-8467 or emailing them.


Finally, Kemper Life Insurance offers a selection of insurance coverage options to meet the requirements of families and lone occupants. The business provides term and whole life insurance plans with savings and death benefits. The products may not be available in all states, but Kemper’s agents can provide policy information.

The company offers customer service through its agents, who can be reached by dialing 1-800-777-8467. Additionally, Kemper provides various benefits to its staff members, such as dental, health, vision, and 401K programs.

Even though the company is notorious for receiving many complaints about auto insurance, its typical rates are higher than the national average. The Kemper Life Insurance claims procedure may sometimes entail more difficult investigations. Overall, Kemper Life Insurance offers clients various life insurance solutions and is dedicated to enhancing the insurance industry.


Kemper Life Insurance 2024: A Guide to Affordable Coverage

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