Woolworths Pet Insurance: A Must-Have for Pet Owners in 2024

Woolworths Pet Insurance

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If you’re a pet owner, you know just how important it is to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. That’s why it’s important to consider getting pet insurance, and Woolworths Pet Insurance is here to help. With multi-levels of covers to choose from, ranging from Basic Cover to Comprehensive Plus Cover, you can find a policy that suits your pet’s needs and your budget.

But Woolworths Pet Insurance doesn’t just cover your pet’s medical expenses – they also offer free access to VetAssist with every policy, valued at $199. Plus, with the MyPet Portal, you can manage your pet insurance online and have all your questions answered in the Pet Insurance Info Hub.

So why not choose Everyday Pet Insurance from Woolworths and give your furry friend the protection and care they deserve?

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

Pet insurance can be beneficial in covering unexpected medical expenses, such as surgeries and cancer treatments, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Some pet insurance plans may also cover routine preventative care, wellness visits, and dental care. However, it’s essential to carefully review the terms and conditions of each plan to ensure it meets the pet’s and owner’s specific needs.

Woolworths Pet Insurance Saving the Day in Real Life
Woolworths Pet Insurance Saving the Day in Real Life

The average yearly cost for accident and illness coverage is approximately $584 for dogs and $343 for cats, according to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), as of 2021.

However, expenses might differ significantly based on the pet’s age, breed, and location. For instance, a Chihuahua puppy in Sacramento, California, may pay between $22 and $31 monthly for pet insurance. In contrast, a mature Golden Retriever in Newark, New Jersey, may pay between $43 and $100 per month.  

What does pet insurance cover? 

Pet insurance covers various medical expenses related to the health and well-being of your new pet and your financial situation. there’s also a lot of effort that goes into keeping your pup or kitten healthy long-term.

If we think about pet ownership, there are some key responsibilities. These include – exercise, food, health checks, and shelter.

Woolworths Pet Insurance-what does pet insurance cover?

The basic cover typically includes unexpected accidents and illnesses that require veterinary care, such as broken bones, cancer, or ear infections. While most basic policies do not cover routine care, some plans may offer add-on coverage, including non-emergency care, prescriptions, and other services.

The coverage and reimbursement options may vary depending on the insurance provider and policy type. Some plans offer an annual reimbursement limit, ranging from $5,000 to unlimited coverage and a percentage of 70%, 80%, or 90% of the covered veterinary costs.

Pet insurance has three main types: accident-only, accident and illness plans, and wellness/preventive plans. Accident-only plans cover emergency testing, treatment, and care of injuries resulting from accidents, such as broken bones, bites, and poisoning.

Accident and illness plan usually cover accidents and illnesses that require medical care, including diagnostics, surgery, medication, emergency care, and exam fees. Wellness/preventive plans usually cover routine care, such as vaccinations, check-ups, and dental cleaning.

For a complete list of the terms, conditions, restrictions, and exclusions that apply, please see the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). 

Woolworths Pet Insurance offers a specific type of policy called “Indoor Cat Cover,” designed for indoor cats. This policy covers the 11 most common conditions that affect indoor cats.

The policy allows pet owners to claim up to $15,000 annually for treatment expenses. However, according to a review site,, the Indoor Cat Cover has received a low rating of one out of five stars from customers who have purchased the policy.

It’s important to note that indoor cats still face health risks, including boredom, stress, obesity, feline urinary problems, anxiety, and exposure to toxins.

Woolworths Pet Insurance has a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and a Target Market Determination (TMD) available on its website at The PDS contains important information about the policy and should be read carefully before purchasing the insurance. 

The TMD outlines the class of customers the product is designed for and is suitable for and the conditions and restrictions placed on the policy.

Any general advice provided by Dr. Harry Cooper concerning Woolworths Pet Insurance is provided as an authorized representative of Hollard through an arrangement with Woolworths. Customers should ensure that the policy meets their individual needs before purchasing.

Please note covers provided by insurers will vary. Testimonials are based on individual circumstances and varying factors such as cover options, excess, risk ratings, and available discounts. 

Additional Benefits 

In addition to covering medical expenses, pet insurance may also offer additional benefits. Some policies include coverage for alternative therapies, behavioral therapy, and prescription food or supplements.

Others may provide add-ons for routine care, such as vaccinations, wellness exams, and dental cleanings. Some policies may also cover expenses related to finding a lost pet, such as advertising and rewards.

Pet insurance can also provide peace of mind to pet owners by offering benefits like 24/7 access to a veterinarian helpline and second opinions from veterinary specialists. Some policies may cover boarding fees if the pet owner becomes hospitalized and cannot care for their pet.

Does pet insurance cover this?

Woolworths Pet Insurance offers coverage for unexpected veterinary bills for pets. The specific coverage and policy information depend on the policy the customer selects.  

Woolworths Pet Insurance Coverage for Alternative Therapies and Behavioral Issues

Woolworths Pet Insurance offers various benefits, including coverage for pre-existing conditions under certain conditions.

However, pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions by default, and pet owners may need to serve a waiting period and apply to the insurer for coverage. Additionally, pet insurance policies may not cover infectious diseases and parasites, even if the pet’s vaccinations are up to date.

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Everyday Pet Insurance Review

Everyday Pet Insurance is a provider of pet insurance policies in Australia. Based on the reviews, Everyday Pet Insurance has a 2.4 out of 5 stars rating on Customers can choose from policies with varying levels of coverage, including up to $30,000 in benefits, according to

Woolworths Pet Insurance-Everyday pet insurance

Regarding deductibles, the amount customers must pay before their coverage to reimburse them for veterinary expenses depends on their chosen policy. Petplan, a pet insurance provider in the United States, offers deductibles ranging from $5,000 to unlimited, while ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers a $250 deductible.

Meanwhile, Progressive Pet Insurance and BestBenefit plans offer coverage to working pets and cover dental illness, respectively, as long as it’s not a pre-existing condition.

Other pet insurance providers, like Pawp, offer more limited coverage since they only cover emergencies. Still, they have lower monthly premiums of just $24 and do not require co-pays, deductibles, or credit checks.

When comparing the average rates for dogs with unlimited coverage, a $500 deductible, and a 90% reimbursement level, Spot Pet Insurance rates received a high score on

On the other hand, Embrace Pet Insurance has a Wellness Rewards plan designed to save customers about $25 on care per year as long as they use their entire reimbursement allowance. For example, the plan with a $250 annual allowance costs $18.

Why choose Everyday Pet Insurance?

Everyday Pet Insurance offers policies that suit different budgets and needs. This pet insurance can cover up to 80% of eligible vet bills for your pets if they get sick or accidentally injured. This coverage can give pet owners peace of mind like any other insurance.

Woolworths Pet Insurance-Why choose Everyday Pet Insurance?

A good pet insurance policy like Everyday Pet Insurance may also cover additional unexpected costs of being a pet owner, such as advertising and rewards if your pet goes missing.

When choosing a pet insurance policy, it is recommended to compare different providers’ policies, including their coverage inclusions and exclusions, reimbursement options, and the provider’s reputation. Pets Best also offers routine care coverage that can be added to any plan for annual wellness benefits with no deductible. 

What types of coverage does Everyday Pet Insurance offer?

Everyday Pet Insurance offers five policies that provide varying levels of coverage for cats and dogs. their policies range from Basic Cover to Comprehensive Plus Cover.

Basic Cover provides accident-only coverage for unexpected events, including broken bones, cuts, torn ligaments, bite wounds, ingested objects, or toxic substances. It includes a benefit limit of up to $5,000 annually and a 20% co-payment.

Essential Cover covers accidents and illnesses like allergies, arthritis, and cancer. It includes a benefit limit of up to $8,000 per year and a 15% co-payment.

Standard Cover includes coverage for accidents and illnesses, with a higher benefit limit of up to $11,000 annually and a 10% co-payment.

Premium Cover provides comprehensive coverage for accidents and illnesses, including hereditary and congenital conditions, alternative therapies, and behavioral treatments. It includes a benefit limit of up to $15,000 annually and a 10% co-payment.

Comprehensive Plus Cover offers the highest level of coverage for accidents and illnesses, with a benefit limit of up to $20,000 per year and a 10% co-payment. It also includes routine care benefits for vaccinations, flea, tick, worm control, and dental treatments.

What’s not covered by Everyday Pet Insurance

Everyday Pet Insurance does not cover routine and preventive care such as wellness exams, vaccinations, and flea/heartworm prevention unless a wellness plan is purchased separately. Other exclusions may include food or special diets, even if prescribed by a veterinarian unless used to dissolve existing bladder stones and crystals in urine.

Furthermore, most pet insurance providers, including Everyday Pet Insurance, do not cover infectious diseases such as feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) or canine hepatitis, even if the pet’s vaccinations are up to date. 

How much does Everyday Pet Insurance cost?

According to Forbes, pet insurance costs an average of $35 per month for dogs and $28 a month for cats, with a range of $20 to $44 per month for dogs and $12 to $46 per month for cats. US News reports that cat owners pay an average of $28.48 per month for cat insurance, while dog owners pay an average of $341.81 per year or $28.48 per month.

ValuePenguin states that the average monthly cost of a pet insurance plan ranges from about $23 to $90 for dogs and $9 to $37 for cats. 

How to submit Woolworths pet insurance claim?

Submitting a Woolworths Pet Insurance claim is easy and straightforward. First, you’ll need to log in to your Woolworths Pet Insurance account and select the “Claims” option. You can then complete the necessary forms and upload the required documents. Once you have completed the form, you can submit the claim online.

The Woolworths Pet Insurance team will review your claim and provide you with an update on the status of your claim. In most cases, the claim will be processed within 48 hours. If you need any help submitting a claim, Woolworths Pet Insurance provides customer service help through its website or via its toll-free number.

How to submit an Everyday Pet Insurance claim

To submit a claim with Everyday Pet Insurance, follow these steps:

  1. Pay for the veterinary services at the time of your visit.
  2. Obtain an itemized invoice that shows the services provided and their associated costs.
  3. Download the Everyday Pet Insurance claim form from their website or request it from customer service.
  4. Complete the claim form and attach the itemized invoice.
  5. Submit the claim form and supporting documentation to Everyday Pet Insurance via email, mail, or fax, as specified on the claim form.

Learn about Woolworths Pet Insurance Cancel

Woolworths Pet Insurance offers a convenient cancellation policy that allows you to cancel your policy at any time by logging into your account online or by contacting their customer service team. The cancellation process is easy and straightforward, with no additional fees or charges applied.

When canceling your policy, you will receive a full refund of your unused premium, provided you have not made any claims in the current period of insurance. Canceling your policy is also simple, as you can cancel at any time without penalty. Woolworths Pet Insurance makes it easy to know when it’s time to cancel, with clear guidelines and customer service representatives available to help.

How To Find The Best Pet Insurance In 2023 

To find the best pet insurance for your furry friend in 2023, consider the following tips:

  1. Compare different plans and providers: Look for reputable pet insurance companies and compare their coverage options, deductibles, reimbursement rates, and customer reviews. Forbes Advisor comprehensively analyzes pet insurance costs, while NerdWallet rates the best pet insurance companies based on discounts, plans, and pre-existing conditions.
  2. Consider your pet’s needs: Different pets have different health risks and requirements, so choose a plan that covers the most relevant conditions and treatments for your pet’s breed, age, and lifestyle. Canine Journal highlights the best pet insurance for multiple pets, while Forbes Advisor lists the best cheap pet insurance options.
  3. Look for customizable plans: Some pet insurance companies allow you to personalize your coverage by adding or removing certain benefits, choosing your deductible and annual limit, and selecting your reimbursement rate. CNET recommends Figo as the most comprehensive pet insurance plan, while ConsumerAffairs praises Lemonade for its customizable options.
  4. Check for extra features: Some pet insurance plans offer additional perks such as wellness coverage, prescription drugs, alternative therapies, and travel benefits. US News & World Report notes that Nationwide covers exotic pets, while ConsumerAffairs provides a list of the best exotic pet insurance companies.

Frequently asked questions

Woolworths Pet Insurance-FAQ

What is the annual benefit limit?

The annual benefit limit is the maximum amount a pet insurance policy will pay annually for eligible claims. In the case of Woolworths Pet Insurance, it varies depending on the policy you choose. The policy options have different annual benefit limits, with higher levels of coverage typically having higher annual limits.
For example, if you have the Comprehensive policy with Woolworths Pet Insurance and your Border Collie, Max, is involved in a motor vehicle incident requiring surgery, the policy would cover eligible expenses up to the annual benefit limitation of $12,000. However, if you have the Basic policy, the annual benefit limit would be lower by $4,000.

Who underwrites Woolworths pet insurance?

Woolworths Pet Insurance Group Limited ABN 88 000 014 675, AR 245476 is arranged and administered by PetSure (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 95 075 949 923, AFSL 420183  is underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (Hollard). Hollard is an Australian insurance company that supports a variety of insurance products, including pet insurance. The policy is promoted and distributed by Woolworths Group Limited and is arranged and administered by PetSure (Australia) Pty Ltd. 

What is the most trusted insurance company?

Determining the most trusted insurance company can be subjective, as different sources may have other criteria for evaluation. However, according to the latest rankings from Consumer Intelligence, a research firm that specializes in insurance, the ten most trusted insurance companies in the UK as of 2021 are (in no particular order): Aviva, Churchill, Co-op Insurance, Direct Line, LV=, M&S, NFU Mutual, Saga, Tesco Bank, and Zurich. ranked USAA as the top insurance company in the home insurer category in the US in 2022, followed by American International Group (AIG) and State Farm. Forbes and Statista’s survey of the best insurance companies in America for 2021 included the top performers in various insurance categories but did not single out the most trusted company. 



Woolworths Pet Insurance is an excellent choice for pet owners looking for quality coverage and peace of mind. With competitive prices and comprehensive coverage, it is a top-rated pet insurance provider that can provide your pet with the best protection.

Whether you’re looking for a one-time coverage or an ongoing plan, Woolworths Pet Insurance can provide the coverage you need. With its extensive coverage options, quality customer service, and competitive prices, Woolworths Pet Insurance is a great choice for pet owners who want to ensure their pet’s health and safety.

Woolworths Pet Insurance: A Must-Have for Pet Owners in 2024

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