Envisage International Student Insurance Review(2024 Update)

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International student insurance is essential for students traveling abroad for studies. With global insurance providers like Envisage International Corporation, students can find comprehensive coverage for health, travel, and other needs. This article will provide a detailed Envisage international student insurance review to help you make an informed choice.

I will cover topics like Envisage’s range of insurance plans, benefits offered, policy exclusions, claims process, customer service, and more. Whether you are researching insurance providers or looking to purchase a policy, this comprehensive guide will tell you everything about this leading insurance agency for international students.

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What is Envisage International Corporation?

What is Envisage International Corporation
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Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Neptune Beach, Florida, Envisage International Corporation is a trusted industry leader providing insurance to students studying outside their home country. It is a specialized insurance agency owned and operated by Envisage, selling health and travel insurance plans to students from around the world.

Some key facts about Envisage:

So in a nutshell, Envisage International is a globally renowned one-stop shop for international student health insurance and travel insurance needs.

Why Choose Envisage for International Student Insurance?

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Here are some key reasons why Envisage Global Insurance stands out:

Industry Experience: With over 20 years of experience, Envisage is a trusted leader in the international student insurance space. They have serviced over a million students from 170 countries.

Compliant Coverage: Their insurance plans meet and exceed coverage requirements for international students set by schools, government agencies, etc. Envisage is a NAFSA global partner.

Range of Options: They offer a variety of comprehensive insurance packages tailored to the needs of different students – exchange students, international full-time students, scholars, work & travel participants, etc.

World-class Services: Envisage provides exceptional customer service and support throughout the insurance journey – from getting a quote to filing claims.

Global Reach: Through partnerships with leading international insurance carriers, Envisage can provide coverage almost anywhere across the globe.

Industry Accreditations: Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and winner of multiple Stevie Awards, Envisage meets the highest standards of service and trust.

Clearly, Envisage offers unparalleled experience, selection, and service when it comes to international student medical insurance – making them a top choice.

What Insurance Plans Does Envisage Offer?

Envisage offers a wide range of international student health insurance and travel insurance plans to meet diverse needs. Here is an overview of their main offerings:

1. International Student Health Insurance

This provides comprehensive health coverage for international students traveling to the USA or other countries for full-time study. The plans include:

Benefits include doctor visits, prescription drugs, urgent care, emergency treatment, hospitalization, mental health, preventive care, dental & vision, etc.

2. International Student Travel Insurance

This covers international students during travel outside their home country for studies. Plans include:

Benefits include emergency medical treatment, emergency medical evacuation, trip interruption, lost checked baggage, etc.

3. Work & Travel Insurance

Specialized coverage for international students participating in work & travel programs worldwide. Benefits include:

So in summary, Envisage offers tailored international student medical insurance plans for health, life, travel, and other coverage needs abroad.

What are the Key Benefits of Envisage Student Insurance Plans?

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Some of the noteworthy benefits of Envisage’s insurance policies include:

1. Extensive Health Coverage – Plans provide coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription drugs, mental health services, preventive care, emergency medical treatment, and more.

2. Emergency Medical Evacuation – Covers costs of evacuation in case of critical medical emergencies.

3. 24/7 Assistance Services – Students get access to multilingual assistance professionals for travel, medical, and other emergencies.

4. Telehealth Services – Convenient virtual visits with US-licensed doctors for nonemergency issues.

5. Dental & Vision – Many plans include dental and vision coverage also.

6. Maternity Care – Available on certain long-term plans for pregnant international students.

7. COVID-19 Coverage – Most plans provide coverage for testing and treatment of COVID-19.

8. Pre-existing Conditions – Available on some plans after 12 months of continuous coverage.

9. Mental Health Coverage – Many plans provide coverage for both inpatient and outpatient mental health services.

10. Competitive Rates – Quality plans at reasonable rates customized for student budgets.

So in a nutshell, Envisage plans offer robust coverage, top-notch assistance services, and excellent value for international students.

What is Not Covered by Envisage Insurance Policies?

While Envisage plans offer extensive benefits, some limitations and exclusions apply. These include:

Note: Exclusions also apply to other non-medically necessary, experimental, or unconventional treatments.

Students must carefully review policy documents to be aware of exclusions that may apply to pertain to their specific insurance plan purchased through Envisage. Having clarity on non-covered services is important when making claims.

How Easy is it to File an Insurance Claim with Envisage?

Filing an insurance claim with Envisage involves the following simple steps:

  1. Report the Claim – Contact Envisage’s claim administrators online/by phone within 30 days of the loss of medical service.
  2. Provide Documentation – Submit all supporting paperwork like medical bills, doctor’s notes, and police reports (as relevant) to validate your claim.
  3. Settle Copays – Pay any applicable copays or deductibles that you owe out-of-pocket.
  4. Track Claim Status – Follow up regularly on your claim status through your online account or with Envisage customer service.
  5. Receive Benefits – Once approved, the claim payment will be made to your health provider (for medical claims) or reimbursements issued to you directly.

The claims process is quick and straightforward with Envisage. Their website offers detailed guidance for students to file different types of insurance claims easily. Multilingual customer service is also available to assist students when required.

Does Envisage Offer Good Customer Service?

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With over two decades of experience catering to international students, Envisage has top-notch customer service:

Envisage uses a high-tech yet human-touch approach to provide exceptional services and experience to international students. This has earned them consistently high ratings and 5-star reviews.

How to Apply for Envisage International Student Insurance?

Purchasing insurance through Envisage involves just 4 simple steps:

  1. Get a Quote – Visit their website or call for a customized quote per your needs.
  2. Select a Plan – Compare plans that meet your budget and requirements. Their advisors can assist.
  3. Complete Application – Fill health questionnaire and make payment securely online.
  4. Obtain Policy – Your policy documents and ID card are emailed instantly upon approval.

The online application process is quick, easy, and convenient with Envisage. Students can purchase insurance entirely online and receive policy documents within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Envisage International Student Insurance Review

For which students are Envisage insurance plans ideal?

Envisage plans are designed for all types of international students – exchange students, study abroad students, full-time enrolled students, visiting scholars, etc. They offer coverage tailored to meet your specific needs.

How long can I be insured with Envisage?

You can purchase either single-term policies valid for a few months or longer annual policies based on the duration needed. Renewals are available if your program extends beyond the policy term.

Does Envisage offer pre-existing condition coverage?

Yes, pre-existing conditions are covered if you maintain 12+ months of continuous insurance coverage with Envisage. Exclusions apply to short-term plans.

Are Envisage health insurance plans comprehensive?

Yes, their insurance packages are very comprehensive covering doctor visits, prescriptions, hospitalization, surgery, emergency services along with travel insurance benefits. Review detailed policy documents on their website.

How do I contact Envisage for assistance?

You can contact Envisage’s multilingual customer service 24/7 via phone, email, or live online chat available on their website for immediate assistance.

What is Envisage international student insurance?

Envisage International Student Insurance is a comprehensive health and travel insurance plan designed specifically for international students.

Who operates envisage international student insurance?

Envisage International Student Insurance is operated by Envisage International Corporation.

What does envisage international student insurance cover?

Envisage International Student Insurance offers coverage for various health and travel insurance plans.

What is the difference between Envisage Global Insurance and Envisage International Student Insurance?

Envisage Global Insurance is a separate division of Envisage International Corporation that provides insurance services for individuals and groups worldwide. Envisage International Student Insurance specifically caters to the needs of international students.

What is the accreditation and market status of Envisage International Student Insurance?

Envisage International Student Insurance is accredited and recognized by organizations such as NAFSA (Association of International Educators). They have a strong presence in the insurance market.

What are the insurance requirements for international students?

The insurance requirements for international students may vary depending on the country and institution. It is recommended to consult with your university or college for specific requirements.

Does Envisage International Student Insurance offer group insurance?

Yes, Envisage International Student Insurance offers group insurance coverage.

How long has Envisage International Student Insurance been providing insurance services?

Envisage International Student Insurance has been providing insurance services online since 2001.

Is Envisage International Student Insurance a specialized insurance agency?

Yes, Envisage International Student Insurance is a specialized insurance agency selling health and travel insurance specifically tailored for international students.

Does Envisage International Student Insurance offer coverage for work and travel programs?

Yes, Envisage International Student Insurance offers coverage for work and travel programs.

Final Takeaway – Is Envisage Global a Good Option for Student Insurance?

In conclusion, this comprehensive envisage international student insurance review summarizes the key highlights of Envisage’s offerings:

Clearly, Envisage offers a great one-stop insurance solution for global students looking for coverage while studying abroad. With their expertise and professional services, Envisage takes the guesswork out of choosing international student insurance – making them a smart choice.

So in summary, this detailed Envisage International Student Insurance review covers everything you need to make an informed decision for your international insurance needs as a student worldwide.

Envisage International Student Insurance Review(2024 Update)

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