Sompo Travel Insurance Singapore: 2024 Ultimate Protection

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Are you planning an international trip in 2023? While exciting, travel has potential mishaps like flight delays, lost luggage, medical emergencies, and more. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues bringing unpredictability, having comprehensive travel insurance from a top provider like Sompo is essential protection.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about Sompo travel insurance Singapore products, benefits, claims, coverage for COVID-19, and why Sompo should be your first choice for 2023 trip insurance from Singapore. Read on for an in-depth look at how Sompo provides the ultimate protection for your next adventure abroad!

An Overview of Sompo Travel Insurance Singapore

An Overview of Sompo Travel Insurance Singapore
Sompo Travel Insurance Singapore: 2024 Ultimate Protection 7

Sompo is a leading insurance provider in Singapore, offering various comprehensive travel insurance plans to suit different needs and budgets. Here’s an introduction to Sompo’s main travel insurance product options:

Essential Plan

Sompo’s basic Essential plan provides coverage for:

Superior Plan

The Superior plan offers higher coverage for

Customized Plans

Sompo offers customizable travel insurance to tailor coverage by selecting add-ons like:

This range of options makes it easy to find a Sompo travel policy that meets your specific needs.

Top Benefits and Coverage Provided

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Some of the key benefits and coverage provided by Sompo travel insurance plans include:

Overseas Medical Expenses

Sompo covers overseas hospitalization, surgery, ambulance transportation, emergency dental care, and more. Superior plans cover up to $1 million in medical expenses.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

If urgent medical care is needed, Sompo covers evacuation back to Singapore or the nearest quality facility. This can be a lifesaver.

Repatriation Coverage

Sompo will arrange and cover costs for transporting mortal remains back to Singapore in the unfortunate event of death overseas.

Trip Cancellation

If you must cancel due to COVID-19 or other covered reasons, Sompo reimburses lost deposits and payments. Coverage up to $20,000 is available.

Travel Delay

Sompo provides cash for expenses incurred due to travel delays over a specified number of hours.

Baggage Loss/Damage

Luggage mishaps can ruin trips. Sompo covers loss or damage to personal belongings overseas.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Sompo’s 24/7 hotline provides real-time support for medical emergencies, evacuations, lost documents, and other issues worldwide.

COVID-19 Coverage

Sompo covers COVID-19 treatment, diagnosis, and trip cancellation/disruption. More details are below.

rental vehicle excess

Sompo covers the excess or deductible you may have to pay if your vehicle is damaged or stolen overseas. It provides peace of mind when renting a car.

With Sompo’s wide range of benefits, you can travel with the assurance that you are protected against many potential mishaps.

Sompo Offers Comprehensive COVID-19 Insurance Coverage

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into 2023, having insurance that covers coronavirus risks remains crucial. Here are the key ways Sompo travel insurance protects against COVID-19:

Overseas COVID-19 Treatment

Sompo covers hospitalization and treatment expenses if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 during your trip. Treatment expenses are covered up to the stated medical limit.

Emergency Evacuations

If you become seriously ill from COVID-19 while traveling, Sompo covers emergency evacuation back to Singapore or the nearest capable hospital.

Trip Cancellation

Sompo reimburses up to the stated limits if you must cancel your trip due to being diagnosed with COVID-19 before departure or other covered COVID-19 reasons impacting travel.

Trip Disruption

If your travel is disrupted mid-trip due to COVID-19 quarantine orders, positive test results, or denied boarding, Sompo covers additional accommodation, transportation, and meal expenses.

Travel Advisory Exclusion Waivers

Sompo does not apply general exclusions for traveling to countries with COVID-19 travel advisories.

With one of the most comprehensive COVID-19 protections in the market, Sompo makes it possible to travel with greater peace of mind in 2023.

Buying Sompo Travel Insurance is Quick and Easy

Buying Sompo travel insurance for your next trip takes just a few quick steps:

Choose a Plan

Use Sompo’s website to compare Essential vs. Superior coverage based on your trip destination, dates, and needs.

Customize Add-Ons

Tailor your policy by selecting optional add-ons for adventurous activities, cruise coverage, rental vehicle excess, etc.

Enter Trip and Personal Details

Provide your trip dates, destinations, purpose, age, and personal details. This provides an accurate quote.

Pay Online

Securely pay for your policy online using a credit card or bank transfer—instant policy confirmation.

Submit Claims Online

If you need to file a claim, use Sompo’s online portal or mobile app for easy submission and supporting documents.

The entire process takes just minutes online without paperwork hassles. Then you can relax knowing your trip has full protection!

Claims and Customer Service Overview

Sompo makes it easy to file a claim 24/7. Here’s an overview of Sompo’s claims process and customer service:

Sompo combines digital convenience with human assistance for claims and customer service. This gives you confidence help is available anytime when you need it most.

Why Choose Sompo for Your Travel Insurance Needs?

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Here are the top reasons why Sompo travel insurance should be your top choice when planning international trips from Singapore:

Trusted Brand

Sompo is an established insurance leader that has been serving Singapore for over 60 years. You can trust their financial stability.

COVID-19 Coverage

Sompo provides comprehensive protection in case COVID-19 disrupts or impacts your travels.

High Benefit Limits

Sompo offers generous coverage limits of up to $1 million for medical expenses, $20,000 for trip cancellations, and more.

Online Convenience

You can easily compare, buy and manage Sompo travel policies completely online in minutes.

Superior Service

Sompo is known for supportive customer service and efficient claims resolution.

Adventure Activities Cover

Sompo covers common adventure pursuits like skiing, hiking, and hot-air ballooning that other insurers may classify as risky.

Customization Options

Sompo allows you to tailor plans by adding optional coverage for adventurous sports, golfing, cruises, and more.

With Sompo’s strong coverage, convenience, reputation, and service, you can travel with total peace of mind knowing support is there when needed.

What is the Price of Sompo Travel Insurance In Singapore?

The price of Sompo travel insurance depends on several factors:

Some examples of Sompo travel insurance Singapore prices:

Add-ons to further customize coverage:

Sompo also offers family discounts when insuring:

And longer trip discounts:

Customers can enter their trip details on Sompo’s website to get an instant personalized quote.

Sompo travel insurance offers affordable premiums starting from just $25—comprehensive protection for peace of mind on any trip or budget.

Get Promo Code on Your Sompo Travel Insurance Policy in Singapore

Here are the key details on Sompo travel insurance promo codes and discounts in Singapore:

To receive applicable discounts, customers must indicate their eligible status (student, NSF, etc) when getting a quote.

Though Sompo lacks promo codes, various discounts help save on comprehensive travel insurance. Bundling with travel agencies is also an option. Check Sompo’s website for the latest deals.

How to Contact Sompo

Here are a few ways to contact Sompo Travel Insurance in Singapore:

So whether you need to file a time-sensitive claim or have a general inquiry, contacting Sompo is quick and convenient through phone, email, chat, social media, or online. Be sure to have your policy details handy when reaching out.

Compare NTUC and Sompo in Singapore

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Here is a comparison of NTUC Travel Insurance and Sompo Travel Insurance in Singapore:

FactorNTUC Travel InsuranceSompo Travel Insurance
Coverage LimitsUp to $200,000 for medical expensesUp to $1 million for medical expenses
COVID-19 CoverageCovers COVID-19 medical treatment and trip disruptionCovers COVID-19 medical treatment, trip cancellation and disruption
Pre-existing ConditionsLimited cover onlyCovered with declaration
Emergency Assistance24/7 hotline for emergencies24/7 hotline for emergencies
Trip CancellationUp to $5,000 coverageUp to $20,000 coverage
Travel DelayUp to $100 benefitUp to $200 benefit
Baggage LossUp to $3,000 benefitUp to $5,000 benefit
Rental Vehicle ExcessNot coveredCovered under Superior plan
Adventurous ActivitiesLimited coverageCovered under Superior plan
Add-ons AvailableNo add-onsAdditional options available
Purchase ProcessOnline and in-personOnline only
Claims ProcessOnline or paper submissionOnline submission
PricingStarts from $18Starts from $25

Sompo Travel Insurance generally provides higher coverage limits, more comprehensive COVID-19 protections, and greater flexibility through add-on options. However, NTUC Travel Insurance offers the option of in-person purchases. For most travelers, Sompo is likely the preferable choice overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sompo offer annual travel insurance?

No, Sompo only offers single-trip travel insurance policies covering specific trip dates and duration. Annual cover for multiple trips is not currently available.

How soon can I buy Sompo Travel Insurance?

You can purchase Sompo travel insurance policies before your departure date. However, it is best to buy early to get full cancellation protections.

Does Sompo cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Sompo will exclude claims related to pre-existing conditions from coverage unless you declare them upon purchasing and receive written approval from Sompo.

Can I extend my Sompo travel policy while overseas?

Yes, you can extend your Sompo travel insurance online abroad if your trip is longer than originally planned. Extended coverage will be subject to additional premium payment.

How do I make a claim with Sompo travel insurance?

You can submit Sompo travel insurance claims completely online via their portal, along with supporting documents, within 30 days of returning to Singapore.

The Bottom Line: Sompo Offers the Best Travel Insurance Protection for 2023

Whether planning a luxury getaway, adventure trip, family vacation, or solo expedition, Sompo travel insurance should be your top choice for 2023. Sompo provides unmatched protection and supports all around the world with the following:

By selecting a Sompo travel insurance Singapore plan that aligns with your unique trip, you can travel with ultimate peace of mind knowing you have an ally in Sompo if the unexpected happens. To learn more and get a free quote, visit Sompo’s website today!

Have an amazing, protected trip in 2023 with Sompo. Your journey starts here.

Sompo Travel Insurance Singapore: 2024 Ultimate Protection

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